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“Through inspiration and motivation, I am empowering others to build their resume of life.” Terry J. Walker, MA



I hope you enjoy your visit as we grow together on this journey we call Life. I am the owner of Inspire and Motivate, IAM, and the author of “The Resume of Life, Becoming Consciously Aware Through Spirit, Mind and Body.”

I am also a Certified Success and Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, and author and believe you will be inspired (in-Spirit) and motivated (to take action) to find your love, acceptance, appreciation and joy within and then be empowered and enlightened to share your inspiration with others.


Break that snooze button habit for good!

Life, Professional, Executive

  • Certified Executive Coach 
  • Certified Professional Life Coach  
  • Certified Canfield Trainer in Success Principles
  • Leadership and Civic Organization
  • Service, Leadership and Civic Organization

Terry J. Walker’s Soul Stretching Success Coaching and Consulting platform was developed to Inspire and Motivate your way to Success and Transformation! Terry is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Executive Coach, Seminar Leader, Keynote Speaker, Organizational Consultant, and Author.

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The authenticity of True Soul Stretching

Training, Learning, Knowledge Sharing

  • Break that Snooze Button Habit
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  • Soul Stretching Success Customer Service
  • Soul Stretching Success Teaming

Coaching and Training is a core aspect of Terry’s passion to help people achieve whole life success. Some of the highlights are: diversity and inclusion, communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork, client/employee retention, customer growth and loyalty, establishing personal responsibility and success, overcoming toxic relationships/environments and recognizing the value of your worth.

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Inspiring the faith, strength & courage

Keynote, Webinar, Seminar, Radio Host

  • Certified Executive Coach 
  • Certified Professional Life Coach  
  • Certified Canfield Trainer 
  • Leadership and Civic Organization

Terry brings 26 years of wellness, success, and customer experience expertise, and has worked with FORTUNE 500 companies and individual world wide to stretch their potential for unprecedented success – The Soul Stretching Way – personal excellence and success, vibrant businesses.

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Inspire + Action + Motivation = Transformation

Books, Articles, Blogs, Vlogs

“If you have ever struggled with loss, love, relationships, careers, parenting, self-image or faith, this book gives you the overwhelming comfort to realize you possess the strength to overcome the struggle.” The message!

The Résumé of Life: Becoming Consciously Aware Through Spirit, Mind, and Body! Uplifting and inspirational, The Résumé of Life celebrates the power of the spiritual world as well as the physical world. It offers a guide to help you better understand yourself and your world.

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Soul Stretching Success Coaching and Consulting

Soul Stretching Success

The Benefits

Soul Stretching Success is a coaching and training program that will help you expand, define, focus and stretch towards your true potential while empowering your “Why,” and creating a life of possibilities.

  • More Creative
  • More freedom
  • Optimizing the power of your thoughts and emotions
  • Increase your energy and awareness
  • Stop excuses and enhance your unique skills and abilities
  • The courage to rise up and overcome doubts and fears
  • Letting go of judgment and opinions of others
  • More discipline in your thoughts, behaviors and actions
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Willingness to change, to grow and to try new things


Our primary purpose in this life is to become the greatest, highest, truest version of our self and to Soul Stretch our way to success by following our truth and our passion.

Some people make excuses of why they can’t reach their potential, their dreams, their goals, and some people are afraid to take the first step towards improvement, enhancement and growth. Many of us look for all the reasons and excuses as to why they Can’t rather than believing I AM, I CAN and I WILL.

If you are committed to improve, to succeed, to grow and begin to create the life you have dreamed of, then Soul Stretching Success is for you.


As a Certified Success Trainer and now creating an accelerated coaching platform, Soul Stretching Success Coaching, I am able to share with you proven principles and strategies on how to increase your confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, realize your ambitions, clarify your vision and goals, and create the life you have always wanted!! I hope you will allow me to work with you for your Soul Stretching Success!

  • FREE Initial Consultation Call
  • All Coaching Packages consist of weekly or biweekly calls and/or video Skype, Zoom sessions.
  • You will also receive: “check in” emails and/or brief phone calls to ask questions, clarify concerns, discuss WINS and AHA moments between sessions.
  • You will be provided with insightful training material and exercises to practice between sessions.

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The I AM Power Hour

Welcome to The I AM Power Hour,  Soul Stretching Success with Terry J. Walker and Dr. Pat on Transformation Talk Radio dot com. These two soul-stretching sisters will remind you that you are a star with a hit song to sing as you create greater, aspire higher, live a whole lot larger. Terry and Dr. Pat will talk stories, have a few laughs, maybe even some Aha! moments as they help you feel more motivated, spark your spirit, and unleash your powered up, pumped up, I AM possibilities on the world-the – soul stretched version, of course. So, get ready to laugh, learn and build up some serious spiritual muscle and accelerate to an abundant life.


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We will be providing thought provoking, inspirational messages, and I hope you will take the opportunity to read, enjoy and to come back to visit often.

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Everyone has access to that infinite divine possibility gift….everyone is born with it….we have just got to stop allowing ego, judgment and hate to take over and start living the life of joy, abundance and truth.

Terry J. Walker


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“Uplifting and Inspirational” 

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