Through inspiration and motivation, I am empowering others to build their resume’ of life

Meet Terry J. Walker, Professional Executive and Life Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author.

I hope you enjoy your visit as we grow together on this journey we call Life.

I am the owner of Inspire and Motivate, IAM, LLC.

I believe you will be inspired (in-Spirit) and motivated (to take action) to find your love, acceptance, peace and joy within and then be empowered and enlightened to share your inspiration with others.

We will be providing thought provoking, inspirational messages and hope you will take the opportunity to read and enjoy.

I am an advocate of paying attention to the signs along your journey and believe that everything happens at the right time for the right reasons! So if you’re here reading this, then it must be the right time and the right reason.

I wish you Love and Light on your journey.


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