Meet Terry J. Walker, Professional Executive and Life Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author.

Terry J. Walker has a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling. She is a certified Professional Life Coach, Executive Coach and Canfield Success Trainer. Terry has over 18 years of experience in the sales and customer service industry and over 10 years of experience working in the mental health/counseling field with adolescents and families.

Terry’s passion and experience has been based on educating, training, and improving one’s self along with inspiring and motivating others to improve and to grow. “I have always been one to ‘think outside the box,’ and have learned to be more proactive than reactive. I believe that true, lasting, positive, growth and change comes from the inside, whether it is personal growth or the growth of a company through training and enhancing employee morale and productivity.”

Terry is the author of 3 books: The Resume’ of Life; Bridging the Gap, An Educator’s Guide; and Bridging the Gap, A Parent’s Guide.

Through these books she has also established both training and coaching modules to inspire others to grow and become consciously aware of their thoughts, behaviors and actions.

She provides insightful training and coaching by helping others to:

  • recognize their worth by understanding the power of our thoughts, behaviors, choices and actions
  • become more aware of their unique skills, abilities and desires
  • awareness of passion and purpose and creating the life you want
  • overcome fear, adversity and self defeating thoughts and roadblocks
  • creating emotional well-being through mastery of life’s internal guidance system
  • success skills–goal setting, taking action, taking responsibility, leadership skills, communication, teamwork, and establishing healthy relationships
  • building confidence and preparedness for job interviews, business networking and business growth
  • tuned in, tapped in, turned on—establishing alignment through vibrational energy, satisfaction, and self acceptance

Terry believes when the best leader’s work is done, the people will say, “We did it ourselves.” Lao Tzu

Terry has been a guest on the Balboa Press hour discussing her book: The Resume’ of Life and will be an upcoming guest on the Dr. Pat Transformation Talk Radio Show in July 2019.

Terry J. Walker is the owner of Inspire and Motivate, IAM, LLC. The company was founded on the premise to empower others to look at their circumstances in a more inspiring and motivating way. IAM—Affirmations are the keys to transformation and begin with these two simple words: I Am….. for what you choose to put after them creates your reality.

“Through inspiration and motivation, I am empowering others to build their resume’ of life.” Terry J. Walker, MA

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