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Meet Terry J Walker

Success Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author.

Terry J. Walker has a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling. She is a Success Coach and Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Author and Certified Jack Canfield Success Trainer.

Terry has over 15 years of experience working in the mental health/counseling field with children, adolescents and families.  She has also helped develop educational, therapeutic programs in the areas of dual diagnosis and addiction.

Terry is the author of 3 books: The Resume’ of Life; Bridging the Gap, An Educator’s Guide; and Bridging the Gap, A Parent’s Guide.

Through these books she has also established both training and coaching modules to inspire others to grow both personally and professionally and to become consciously aware of their thoughts, behaviors and actions.

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Hot off the Press—New Book for 2021!

Bridging the Gap Training is Proud to Present a New Book for Parents and Early Child Educators:

Promoting Positive Self Esteem in Children

Amazon ranked: #1 New Release in Parent Participation in Education

    Promoting Positive Self Esteem in Children

    You are likely here because you love your child and are willing to do your part to create a successful, thoughtful, confident, young person who displays positive self-esteem. Your role as parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, early child educators who interact with children on a regular basis is important in their development. The expression, “it takes a village” has always been true, but never truer than today. Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Children will allow you to share your insights and skills to empower the children you love to grow into self assured adults.

    In essence, even as a parent, we are all teachers as we help our children to grow, develop, and become successful.

    As an educator, you spend a tremendous amount of time with children and you too play a major role in the life and development of a child.

    I tip my hat to you as a parent or educator and thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and desire towards inspiring our kids to be the best they can be, and for empowering them to become emotionally healthy and self-confident young people!

    “A teacher affects eternity: he/she can never tell where his/her influence stops.” -Henry Adams

    Available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book

    The Resume’ of Life

    Becoming Consciously Aware through Spirit, Mind, and Body

    What others are saying:

    “Uplifting and Inspirational” 
    “A book you will want to read and re-read”
    “Life Changing”
    “If you have ever struggled with loss, love, relationships, careers, parenting, self-image or faith, this book gives you the overwhelming comfort to realize you possess the strength to overcome the struggle.”
    “Filled with words of wisdom and enlightenment, this self-improvement book helps one find their true purpose and truth in life.”

    Overcoming the repercussions of bullying, hate, judgment and fear to establishing alignment, empowerment, love and inspiration.  Walker uses her personal experiences as a backdrop to help you  discover how to  release self sabotaging behaviors and embrace your truth, love, and acceptance from source.  Uplifting and inspirational, you and Terry will embark upon a journey of enlightenment as she helps you to review, empower, and enhance your personal  resume’ of life


    Now available on AudibleiTunesebook and print

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    Bridging The Gap:

    A Parent’s Guide

    If Bridging The Gap benefits one family, child, or educator to change the way they handle specific situations in a more effective and positive manner, then it has served its purpose. It is written in everyday language and is not to be made difficult in any way. That is the foundation for this program and this book, therefore, let’s work together toward bridging the gap.


    “I am certainly impressed with the training program you have established called Bridging The Gap.  I believe it is important to have parental and educator involvement during the education of each child.  Bridging The Gap microscopes that need.”

    “Your approach hits at the core of this problem and is an excellent strategy to get parents involved.  By “Bridging The Gap,” between educators, children and families, the education process will be enhanced.”

    Bridging The Gap:

    An Educators Guide

    This book, is designed to enhance your child’s behavioral skills and educational abilities. Bridging The Gap, An Educator’s Guide, is the first phase of the program that intends to help “bridge the gap” between children, educators, and families. The plan for this program is based on two phases: A program for daycare, head start and early-childhood educators, and a book for parents and families: Bridging the Gap, A Parent’s Guide. The program proposes an opportunity for everyone to work together to help our children gain a better understanding of themselves. The book also provides information to help us as adults to look at our own behaviors and gain an understanding of how we may be perceived—not only by other adults, but also by our own children. In today’s fast-paced society, children are being raised in homes where both parents work full-time, or in a single-family home in which that parent works full-time to make ends meet. I have worked with children and families for over 15 years in various therapeutic settings and have taken the working family into great consideration from which this program has evolved.

    • “I love your material. I refer to the book and give my classroom role plays as you suggested, the feeling faces and terms have been a wonderful experience for the children. It is so easy to implement, understand and relate to.”

    • Your “Bridging the Gap” workshop was so easy to incorporate into the classroom. We are even getting positive feedback from parents. I would love to see more early childhood educators be trained with this information.  The children BENEFIT most from this experience.”

    • “I love your material, the book and your classes have been great.  I refer to the book all the time. And I use your material at home, work and with the public about any part of the day.  Terry speaks from the heart and it is all such common sense and easy to understand and incorporate in the classroom.”

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    Recall- A True Story of Love, Life and Honor

    Lt. Col. Arthur R. Walker, U.S. Army, Ret.

    My father, Lt. Col. Arthur R. Walker, served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.  He was Special Forces, Green Beret, and at the time of his passing was one of the most decorated war veterans still alive today. For those of you who enjoy military history, this is his personal account of his military service.

    We lost my dad in 2017 at the age of 93 and I had his book republished and added a Foreword.   I hope you enjoy the book as it is now available in paperback and on Kindle at my Amazon Author Central page. I so wish he was still here to see it in circulation as this is my tribute to him.  I love you dad and I hope you are proud.

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