IAM Sponsors Hole at Annual Rotary Golf Tournament

I wanted to share some news as IAM sponsored a hole at the Annual Rotary Golf Tournament to help raise money for a family who is adopting 3 children from the Ukraine. We had a wonderful turn out and fabulous weather. I am a member of the local Rotary and so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. I had the opportunity to take a picture with our Rotary President and his team prior to their tee off on the first hole.

I didn’t have the opportunity to play this round, however, I was assigned to drive the beverage cart. And for those of you who know my golf cart driving skills, you know I had a blast! Before you ask….I did NOT lose any beverages! 😊 We had a golf cannon on one hole that players could donate money, and instead of teeing off, they would shoot the ball to the green. At the end of the day, the player who shot closest to the hole won a prize.

It was a wonderful turn out for a great cause, and to me, helping others is what matters most of all.
I wanted to share some pictures from the tournament.