“No Matter Where You Go, There You Are”

We all tend to want to run from our self and hide behind a mask or a façade. We want to keep from being hurt or from allowing others to know our truth. We are afraid of being judged, not fitting in, not measuring up, not being thin enough, not being attractive enough, etc., etc.
Take mirrors, for instance. If we were to stand in front of a mirror, we would see our physical reflection and begin to critique our hair, our weight, our wrinkles, our blemishes, etc.
But when we allow this fear-based, opinionated thinking to enter our thoughts and minds, we sabotage our self, our truth, our beauty and our spirit. As we critique our so-called “imperfections,” we must realize these criticisms place us on the road to self-sabotage.
The truth is, we all have an innate beauty, we all have unique skills and abilities and we all have a purpose.
Our lives are much like a mirror: what we feel and think internally is what we will put out into the world and what will be reflected back to us.
I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “what you think about expands and will be reflected back to you.” When we critique ourselves in this way, we must realize the thoughts and feelings of “I’m not good enough” or “if anything can go wrong it will” or “with my luck, it won’t ever happen” will all be reflected back to you. You think it, you feel it, and so it is.
We are all connected, all a part of the whole and we are here on this journey to learn, to love, to teach, to experience and to grow. With this statement in mind, if we were to look in the mirror, look past the so-called physical “imperfections,” and recognize our true self, we can begin to allow our true love and acceptance to shine through. When we begin to take the opportunity and the time to look at our spiritual truth and the love and beauty from within, we may find a few simple phrases come to mind: “seek and you shall find” and “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” My father also used to tell me, “pretty is as pretty does.”
Once we allow our self to look beyond the physical mirror and become consciously aware of all we hold within us, we will find that our thoughts, our beliefs and our lives will start to change and improve.
When we begin to believe in and to grow from within, the external house has no other option but to follow. When this growth and awareness transpires, you will begin to take better care of you. You will be more conscious of your thoughts, what you say and how you react to others. When we learn to love and accept our self, we build a sense of confidence, strength, and worthiness and we grow stronger, kinder, more loving, grateful and peaceful. Our energy changes and we begin to realize that we feel better, we look better and we can accomplish more in less time. We also find we become less concerned with other’s opinions. You will begin to pull your self up out of the negative, opinionated, judgmental thinking and start to see a new world of love, hope, strength, faith and light.
As you already know, it takes time to change a habit. Negative thoughts and old tapes are habits that we all carry. To begin the process of breaking these habits, we must learn to be consciously aware of stopping negative thoughts in their tracks when they arise.
I want to share a few simple steps that you can use at any given time to improve your inner beauty and strength.
1. Meditation. Take some time in your day to find a place of peace and quiet. Sit in a comfortable upright position, turn off your thoughts and focus on your breathing. Allow that small voice within to steer you in a direction of peace, knowing and tranquility.
2. Affirmations. Two words, for what you put after them creates your destiny- I Am. Use affirmations when you look in the mirror, such as I am beautiful, I am grateful, I am successful, I am Love. Say them with meaning and conviction. Use affirmations throughout your day until they become a habit. When negative, critical thoughts begin to arise, replace them with positive affirmations.
3. Acts of Kindness. You’ve heard the phrase, “pay it forward.” You have numerous opportunities throughout your day to perform an act of kindness and it doesn’t have to cost a dime. Genuineness is free. Thanking the McDonalds cashier for their help is free. Looking others in the eye and telling them to have a wonderful day will set you back $0.00. Holding the door for others and speaking kindly can change someone’s day! Whatever you do as an act of kindness, always do it with love and sincerity.
We all have the choice and the ability to say: I am, I can, and I will. When we become more consciously aware of how we treat ourselves, we will also be more conscious of how we treat others, and in turn, the mirror will reflect those positive attributes back to you. You will radiate positivity and find that people will treat you differently. Sometimes, they may even ask you things like “you look different, have you changed your hair?” “Have you lost weight?” “Did you get a new suit?”
When others begin to look at you and wonder what’s different about you nowadays, you can always smile and know that little voice within is becoming stronger, your light is growing brighter and your true beauty is shining through. As others notice your newfound confidence and optimism, the critical judgments will begin to fall away.
It’s our choice to use our mirror for positive change, love and growth or we can use it to express negative opinions and judgment.
We’ve all been given the free will to choose, so my question to you today is… what choice will you make?
I hope you have a blessed day filled with love, light and of course…positive, reflective energy.
Namaste, my beautiful friends.