Break the Snooze Button Habit in 2021!

When you wake up in the morning do you—

  1.  Push the snooze button, roll over, and go back to sleep?
  2. Set your alarm clock across the room, so you must get up to turn it off?
  3. Push the proverbial snooze button during one of life’s wake up calls?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, breaking the snooze button habit is the perfect New Year’s Resolution for you!

Many of us have gotten caught up in the habit of pushing our snooze button whether it’s on our alarm clock or the proverbial snooze button during one of life’s wake up calls.  By doing so, we continue to put things off and allow our worries and stress to grow stronger.

How we handle our physical alarm clock is an analogy for how we set the tone for our day. For example, if we continue to push the snooze button in the morning, we likely become more agitated, frustrated, and stressed while rushing around preparing for work.

By starting our day with emotions such as these actually sets the tone for our day.

Consequently, we may recognize some the outcomes below:

• we may be more easily agitated and “snap” at our kids for not being ready
• we may be frustrated with other drivers on the road
• we may even take our frustrations out on others when we arrive at work.

Conversely, during our life’s journey, we also experience wake up calls in life. The question now becomes, when we have a life wake-up call, do we take time to trust, to listen, and to learn or do we push the proverbial snooze button?

I would like to interject a brief, personal experience from the wake-up calls section in my book, The Resume’ of Life.

“During that devastating period, something kept me going each day. My energy was depleted, but somehow I kept going. I turned to faith, as that is all I knew I could do. There was no energy left for me to run and hide anymore. God/Universe/Higher Power had sat me down so that I could finally begin a new journey of awareness and growth. My choices were to continue to wallow in the pain and destruction, to run and search for someone or something to fill the void, or to begin a new journey of finding and trusting me, in effort to begin to heal and grow.
I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. The first two options had always led me in a full circle of repeating the cycle. This time, I made a different choice, and I chose the latter.
Sometimes, we cannot see this when we are wrapped up in the fear, the pain, the loss, or rejection of it all. However, if we take time to realize and believe that everything happens for a reason and find our faith within, we can and will get through it. We must learn, grow, and keep moving forward. I had been humbled, but somehow I knew, when one door closes, another door must open. I had been given another wake up call, and this time I didn’t have the energy to run or even attempt to continue to push my snooze button.”

This New Year– 2021 can be a year of hope, possibilities, potential, and transformation.

We can choose to go through life or GROW through life.   It’s your choice and it’s always been your choice. 

I have come to realize that how you choose to respond to an event will determine your outcome. It is your choice to take inspired action and follow through, or continue to push the snooze button, roll over, and go back to sleep. You see, by pushing either the physical or proverbial snooze button will ultimately determine the outcome you receive.
Whether we realize it or not, many of us allow the snooze button to define us. It’s a habit we all seem to fall into from time to time. It’s that dirty little word called procrastination. By continuing to put things off, we increase our stress, and we continue to repeat the same patterns. In turn, we will continue to receive the same outcomes.
The ultimate question is, how has that been working out for you?

There is an old saying that we create our tomorrows by what we do today. The year 2020 has been a year like none other.  As we already know, hindsight is 2020.  However, are we willing to learn and grow from what we have experienced?

Positive change and transformation can begin by breaking your snooze button habit!

So what steps can we take to begin to break the snooze button habit?

1. On the physical level- set your clock a few minutes early and commit to waking up and utilizing those few minutes in a positive, productive way.
2. On the emotional level—When you make a commitment to do something or to finish something, set the goal, write down a date or time frame and follow through. This reduces stress and worry.
3. At the end of the day, review your check list and give yourself a kind reward or pat on the back with appreciation for all you have accomplished that day.

Below are a few ideas for your new, positive and productive morning ritual:
a. Take a few moments to recognize and to speak your gratitude
b. Stretch, exercise, deep breathing
c. Implement positive affirmations, journal
d. Listen to something positive and uplifting whether it is music or podcast
e. Read something positive to start your day

You see, by making the choice to become consciously aware of your snooze button and making the choice to break it may seem like an insignificant thing to do, but just remember, even small changes can have major impacts on your life.

A gentle reminder: the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and one must implement the faith of a mustard seed.

Prior to Publishing the Blog-

Prior to publishing this blog, our Nation’s Capitol was attacked. The feelings and emotions that arose have been difficult to deal with and to understand. I am sure you felt it as well.
I took some time last night and today to try and process these feelings and to take some time to visualize a better future based on kindness, love, cooperation, improved communication, and understanding. With all that we have been through in the year 2020, we are now starting a new year, a new day.  I had to remind myself that we all have the power of now to make significant, transformative changes in our lives. I pray and visualize a better and more hopeful future, not only for ourselves, but for our children.

As many of you know, I am launching Bridging the Gap Training later in the month for parents and educators to help children build confidence, improve coping skills along with understanding and implementation of the emotional guidance system.  Since the events that happened at the Capitol, I have had teachers and parents ask, how can I explain this to my children?  I can only go back to the basics of everything I am teaching in Bridging the Gap and discuss the importance of the emotional guidance system, coping skills, and improved communication, mindfulness and understanding.
Please join me in taking some time each morning for prayer, meditation and visualization for a better, kinder, healthier, abundant, and more understanding world for all of us.

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with love, light, understanding, peace and of course…breaking the snooze button habit.
Namaste’ my friend,

About Terry J. Walker–

Terry J. Walker, M. A., is a Success Coach and Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author. She is the owner of Inspire and Motivate, IAM, LLC and the founder of Bridging the Gap Training and Soul Stretching Success Coaching Principles.

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