Bridging the Gap Training

Bridging the Gap Trainer

Hello and Welcome to Bridging the Gap- BTG training!
I am Terry J. Walker and I hold a Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology and
Counseling and have spent over 15 years in counseling and program development with children and families in the mental health field.

During my career in counseling and program development, I focused on topics such as:

  • overcoming stress and mindfulness techniques
  • communication and listening skills
  • establishing healthy relationships
  • addiction, abuse and bullying to include emotional, physical, and sexual abuse
  • understanding feelings and the emotional guidance system, to include: empathy, grief, fear, and anger management
  • socialization and coping skills
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • work-life-balance
  • teamwork, leadership, success skills
  • personal and professional development

I am the author of 3 books:

  • Bridging the Gap, An Educator’s Guide
  • Bridging the Gap, A Parent’s Guide
  • The Resume’ of Life, Becoming Consciously Aware through Spirit, Mind and Body

Many have asked: “Terry, what is your definition of bridging the gap?”
My response: “to provide a unified point of connection towards improving communication,
understanding, and mindfulness between people and/or groups of people in effort to achieve successful results.”

This is what bridging the gap training is all about and I am excited to bring these powerful BTG workshops to you in effort to provide improved communication, success strategies and enhanced relationships between: parents and educators, parents and children, and educators and children, so we may all work together towards bridging the gap and empowering our children and ourselves to grow and to thrive!

With COVID19, I understand that many of us feel alone, stressed, overwhelmed, fearful, and maybe even misunderstood. We are afraid for our children, our families, our jobs, our livelihood, and in turn, we allow those feelings to form a gap between our heart and mind, between our families, our children, our friends, and even in our work environment. By combining my experience, research, and education, I am excited to incorporate all this information and create Bridging the Gap Training.

These workshops have been developed with you, your family, and your career in mind to help you implement improved ways of being, thinking and doing.  And this is exactly why I am asking you to join me as we all begin working together towards bridging the gap!

This series of workshops is developed for parents, guardians, and early child educators. Whether you work for a daycare, head start, or school system, I invite you to join with me today!   These workshops are designed over the course of 3 weeks, to help you implement your new information between workshops and interact the following week on progress, concerns, or questions.

Below is just a brief overview of workshop topics that you don’t want to miss:

Week 1 workshop:

You are Not Alone

  • Brief overview of child development
  • Importance of Parenting/Teaching/Role Modeling
  • The Mirror Effect and Establishing healthy relationships and environments
  • Effective Communication techniques and the art of active listening
  • Q&A

Week 2 workshop:

Making the Shift

  • The Importance of Feelings and the Emotional Guidance System
  • Understanding Stress—how it affects the body, mind, socialization, learning, and development
  • Implementing stress busters and understanding the power of intention, focus and thought
  • Q&A

Week 3 workshop: Empowering You and Your Kids

  • Importance of Socialization and Coping Skills—creative activities designed to help you achieve improved skills
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Identifying and implementing your Success Skills
  • Q&A  It’s a Wrap– Let’s ALL Start Bridging the Gap!

Bridging the Gap Training for Parents and Early Child Educators is 3 Weeks of informative, interactive workshops, totaling 6 Hours of Packed information!

Upon registration, you will receive activity sheets, and inspiring information to bring to class.