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About Terry J. Walker

Terry J. Walker is a highly sought after corporate trainer, international motivational speaker, coach and author. She is the founder of Bridging the Gap Training helping parents and educators work together to enhance the emotional and social well-being of our children.

Terry's corporate trainings are also Bridging the Gap for employees and organizations to improve their personal and professional development.

Bridging the Gap has proven to raise retention rates by developing more creative and satisfied employees that drive company growth.

In other words...

We can help YOU Bridge the Gap!

Corporate Training Topics:

Stress Management

Overcoming Burnout


Navigating Life's Challenges


Positive Parenting

Emotional Intelligence

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Understanding Mindset, Fear and Change

Bullying & Harassment

Fundamentals of Mental Health


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The host of the IAM Power Hour helping others with the courage to rise and thrive

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Testimonials from Terry's Trainings

Jessica B.

“This training came at a difficult time in my life. 

It has motivated me to think more positively and keep moving forward. Terry, please continue to inspire others as you are impacting so many lives!”

Tracey H.

“I really enjoyed Terry’s presentation. 

She has been through some of the same things I have. 

I felt she was speaking to me. 

She left me motivated and inspired to take this information back with me.”

April C.

“This is what I really needed to hear today. In the job I have, it reminds me what I

put out in the world is what will come back and I need to be more aware of how I treat and respond to others. Thank you for Terry for all you do to help others.”

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