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merry mindfulness greeting

Merry Mindfulness

It’s the most wonderful and yet STRESSFUL time of the year! Many of us place high expectations on ourselves throughout the month of December, shopping, cooking, traveling, spending, and of course, years end preparations at work.

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why practice mindfulness

Why should we Practice Mindfulness?

During the holidays come the beautiful lights, a decorated tree, festivities, and of course, additional stress! Practicing mindfulness is one of the best ways to move through this season without having your family question your sanity,

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break the snooze

Break the Snooze Button Habit in 2021!

Many of us have gotten caught up in the habit of pushing our snooze button whether it’s on our alarm clock or the proverbial snooze button during one of life’s wake up calls. By doing so, we continue to put things off and allow our worries and stress to grow stronger.

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are we suffering

Suffering in Silence

A couple weeks ago, I had an epiphany. During an appearance on the Circle of Love United podcast, we discussed my story and my book: The Resume’ of Life, Becoming Consciously Aware through Spirit, Mind and Body.

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