IAM Coaching Process

Step 1: Assessment— Free Initial Consultation

  • Discover your strengths, personality, values and vision for your life
  • Determine what you need to create effective, lasting change
  • Solidify commitment
  • Decide if we are a good fit to work together
  • Discuss coaching level that fit your needs:  Bronze, Silver, Gold
  • Set up Coaching schedule and strategy

Step 2: Getting Started

  • Identify obstacles that have been holding you back from making positive changes
  • Uncover self-sabotaging beliefs such as fear of failure, uncertainty, not fitting in, and of course, fear of success
  • Clarify your top goals and changes you wish to make
  • Internalize the importance of thoughts, behaviors, actions
  • Enhance awareness of visualization, affirmations and self-worth
  • Set achievable goals

Step 3: Action Plans

After gaining awareness of who you are and where you want to go, we will begin implementing plans of action.

  • Break through limiting beliefs, patterns, and habits
  • Implement empowering, successful beliefs
  • Improve effective direction of your thoughts, behaviors and actions
  • Start asking for what you want, and expecting the best
  • Embrace responsibility and accountability
  • Accept and grow through feedback
  • Complete weekly action assignments and exercises
  • Partner with your coach as an accountability partner to keep you inspired and motivated  
  • I+M=T   Inspiration+Motivation=Transformation

Step 4: Life Integration:  Realize RESULTS

  • Improved sense of purpose, passion, self-worth and appreciation
  • Systematic processes organized to produce desired outcomes
  • Renewed confidence, accountability, responsibility and power
  • Enhanced energy, success, creativity, clarity and focus
  • Empowerment and confidence towards making better choices and decisions
  • Breakthroughs in reputation and relationships
  • A life of consistent success, joy and abundance

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You bring the desire, I bring the tools, and together we can create true, lasting change and Transformation!!  I+M=T!!!
Today is Your Day so let’s make the BEST of it!!

Below is a list of IAM Coaching Packages:

All sessions to be scheduled as weekly or bi-weekly calls or Skype

Gold Package

12-24 Coaching Sessions

Silver Package

10-12 Coaching Sessions

Bronze Package

8-10 Coaching Sessions

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